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Love is warming.
Please take a step back from
anything called “love” that’s leaving you cold.
— Alex Elle (via alexandraelle)
Ask for what you want. Give other people the opportunity to say “yes”. Stop saying “no” for them.
— Roger Ellerton (via onlinecounsellingcollege)
It’s beautiful when you find someone that is in love with your mind. Someone that wants to undress you conscience and make love to your thoughts. Someone that wants to watch you slowly take down all the walls you’ve built up around your mind and let them inside.

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Do you have the patience to wait
Till your mud settles and the water is clear?
Can you remain unmoving
Till the right action arises by itself?
— Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching (via whyallcaps)


Sunsets and sunrises seen from the International Space Station.


Source: eol.jsc.nasa.gov

Take stock of those around you and you will hear them talk in precise terms about themselves and their surroundings, which would seem to point to them having ideas on the matter. But start to analyze those ideas and you will find that they hardly reflect in any way the reality to which they appear to refer, and if you go deeper you will discover that there is not even an attempt to adjust the ideas to this reality. Quite the contrary: through these notions the individual is trying to cut off any personal vision of reality, of his own very life. For life is at the start a chaos in which one is lost. The individual suspects this, but he is frightened at finding himself face to face with this terrible reality, and tries to cover it over with a curtain of fantasy, where everything is clear. It does not worry him that his “ideas” are not true, he uses them as trenches for the defense of his existence, as scarecrows to frighten away reality.
— José Ortega y Gasset, The Revolt of the Masses (via whyallcaps)
To be enlightened is to be aware, always, of total reality in its immanent otherness - to be aware of it and yet remain in a condition to survive as an animal. Our goal is to discover that we have always been where we ought to be. Unhappily we make the task exceedingly difficult for ourselves.
— Aldous Huxley, The Doors of Perception (via whyallcaps)
I’m not sure which is worse: intense feeling, or the absence of it.
— Margaret Atwood (via mariannapaige)

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Don’t let us forget that the causes of human actions are usually immeasurably more complex and varied than our subsequent explanations of them.
— Fyodor Dostoyevsky, The Idiot (via whyallcaps)
Don’t make everyone know about your sadness.
— John Steinbeck (via fineandbambi)

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